wine & cheese party

Fall is a great time to have a wine and cheese party.

Whether you are a cheese connoisseur or just interested in trying something new, Janssen’s fromagerie is the best in the region, offering more than 250 selections from around the world. When selecting cheeses, take into consideration the many shapes and colors that are available for a bold presentation. Be sure to offer milder cheeses in addition to stronger ones so guests have a variety to choose from.

Garnish cheese boards with grapes, olives, prosciutto, or fresh figs to add color and a flavorful contrast to your wine and cheese assortment.

When you shop for cheese at Janssen’s you’ll be encouraged to taste a variety of types and get tips from the experts. Janssen’s gourmet cheeses are cut directly from the wheel to ensure freshness and flavor. You’ll receive a description card with each cheese purchase and be invited to register your purchase for future reference. Janssen’s also offers a wide variety of gourmet flatbreads, artisan crackers, fresh bread and delicious cheese condiments to complement every cheese.

Over 200 selections from all over the world are available for tasting. Visit our website for a full list:


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