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Janssens Market Holiday Tasting – December 3rd and 9th

The Holidays are our favorite time of the year and and we are very excited about our Tastings planned for December. We want to help you with your planning to ensure that your family gatherings are memorable and that your parties are stress free.

Please join us on December 3rd from 11-3pm for our Holiday Tasting throughout the store. Taste new items and get ideas for the Holidays. December 9th from 11-2pm will be a tasting of Janssens own products.

December 3rd: Carter Caviar, Shore Boys Soup (Maryland Eastern Shore), Cakewalk Cakes, Liz Marden Cakes & Pastries, Cafe Gelato, Suzanne’s Pepper Jelly, Sugartown Smoked Fish, Bobbi’s Hummus, Leidy’s Pork products (hams & sausage).  Many of the companies are locals that we all know and love.

Sugartown Smoked Specialties is located in Historic Chester County Pennsylvania, Sugartown Smoked Specialties, Inc. began providing local restaurants, clubs and specialty stores with exceptional smoked foods in 1992. Join us to be learn more about our products, as well as offering ideas on ways to use them. Janssen’s produce will be sampling their fresh squeezed orange juice, the seafood department will have crab and shrimp for sampling,  Chef’s Duane and Jim will have a selection from their holiday offerings in the prepared foods department.

The deli will have a selection of cheeses from around the world….

Cheese: cave aged gruyere, prescott, bin d’amour and more…..We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the selected subject will guide you through a selection of artisanal cheeses from around the world. Janssen’s gourmet cheeses are cut directly from the wheel to ensure freshness and flavor. You’ll receive a description card with each cheese purchase and be invited to register your purchase for future reference.

Whether you are a cheese connoisseur or just interested in trying something new, Janssen’s fromagerie is the best in the region, offering more than 250 selections from around the world. Visit our website for a sampling of our favorites.

Get inspired this Holiday. Try some new items on your table this year!

Join us on December 9th from 11-2pm will be a tasting of Janssens own branded preserves and sauces.


Fine Food Makes a Fabulous Gift!

Don’t forget the Holidays are fast approaching! We offer fruit and gourmet gift baskets year round! Call our staff to help design the perfect gift that fits your budget. All are hand made on site!

Fine Food makes a fabulous gift.  Surprise everyone on your list with something special from Janssens Market. From Unique Cheeses, Gourmet Fare to delicious bakery treats. We have something for everyone!

Thanksgiving – Easy as Pie

Let us provide you with everything from “soup to nuts”  this Thanksgiving – or perhaps just a few special items to add to your menu. Turkey, pies, sides, appetizers and a Gluten Free selection as well.  We have it all! Janssen’s is offering DELAWARE GROWN, free range, all natural turkeys this year from T.A. Farms in Kent County as well as organic turkeys. TA Farms, LLC has been growing and processing turkeys for over 30 years. They are a family farm that was established in 1979.

Call us today! A complete listing of menus is available on line or in store.

Thanksgiving Menus

Welcome to Turkey Brining 101 courtesy of Gourmet Gobbler.
This convenient Turkey Brining and Roasting kit provides you with all the brining and roasting spices, and brining bag necessary to create the juiciest turkey that your family and friends will be raving about for years to come. Available in store by the meat case..get one while supplies last.


Make sure you have cleared space in your refrigerator, or in a cooler to fit your turkey!


For turkeys up to 24 lbs. If using a smaller turkey (10-12 lbs) use half of the brine in the pouch or jar and 1/2 gallon of water. Add brine blend contents to one gallon of water and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. Cool to room temperature and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled. Place the turkey in the Gourmet Gobbler Brining bag and add liquid Brine mixture. If necessary, add additional cold water so the entire turkey is submerged in the solution. Make sure the turkey is breast side down.
Refrigerate overnight-or one hour per pound of turkey. Remove turkey and discard bag and brine.
Rinse turkey inside and out and pat dry.


While the brining starts the flavoring process- seasoning is necessary for the perfect tasting bird. Rub whole turkey (17-24 lbs.) with 2-4 tablespoons of olive oil. Generously sprinkle the entire contents of the Smoky Peppercorn and Herb Turkey Rub over the outer skin of the bird.
For deep fried turkey: With fingers, loosen skin of bird and place turkey rub between skin and meat. You may not need the entire pouch. The rub help to create a beautiful golden , crispy finish as well.


For a 17-24 lb. bird, roast at 325F for 4 to 5 hours. Times vary by oven. When the skin turns brown, about two thirds of the way through roasting, shield the breast loosely with a sheet of foil to prevent overbrowning. Check for doneness. The internal temperature of thighs should be 165F on a meat thermometer. The thigh and drumstick meat should feel soft when pressed, and when the thigh is pierced with a fork the juices should run clear, not pink. Remove turkey from oven. Place on cutting board. TENT the cooked turkey with foil. Let stand for 20-30 min. This resting time allows the juices to saturate the meat evenly for the most tender turkey. Carve and serve…and tell everyone your secret- the Gourmet Gobbler Turkey Brining and Roasting Kit from Urban Accents.
For Grilling: When using either a gas grill or a charcoal grill cook the turkey using the indirect heat method. With coals or burners on either side and a drip pan underneath the bird.
For Deep Frying: After brining and rinsing, make sure turkey is completely dry, inside and out, before frying. Place rub under the skin. Follow instructions with fryer.


Healthy Tips from the Staff at Plexus

A healthy tip from the staff at Plexus Fitness:

When prepping your family’s foods this Holiday season, try new spices and herbs that not only add an extra kick to your old favorites, but can also increase fat loss. The staff at Plexus Fitness know first hand that a touch of these 10 ingredients will help you lose weight and amp up the flavor!

Ginseng: Some forms of ginseng can speed metabolism and boost energy. Panax ginseng in particular has weight-loss properties, according to research from the University of Maryland.

Cayenne Pepper: This spice brings heat with its main ingredient, capsaicin, that helps burn fat and suppress appetite. Cayenne pepper increases metabolism,causing the body to burn more calories, according to research from Purdue University.

Cinnamon: This sweet treat reduces blood sugar and LDL cholesterol (the bad kind). Studies show cinnamon can boost metabolism and increase insulin levels, lowering the chance of pre-diabetes.

Black Pepper: This common household ingredient can boost metabolism through its main component — piperine. Not only does black pepper improve digestion, it also helps burn fat at a faster rate. In fact, black pepper can “potentially burn as many calories as walking for 20 minutes,” according to research from the University of Oklahoma.

Dandelion: Did you know dandelions can be eaten in their raw form? Use them to spruce up your garden or your salad! Dandelions cleanse the body and slow down digestion, making you feel full longer. Dandelions also rank in the top four vegetables of nutritional value, according to the USDA.

Mustard: Mustard is actually a great weight-loss tool. Researcher from England’s Oxford Polytechnic Institute say one teaspoon can speed up the metabolic rate by almost 25%

Tumeric: This bright orange powered spice, commonly found in India, helps break down fat and regulate the body’s metabolism. Turmeric can also help reduce the chance of diabetes, according to research from a Columbia University.

Ginger: Studies show that this spice can suppress appetite, aid digestion, remove toxins and raise the temperature of the body to boost metabolism. Who knew ginger had so many powers?

Cardamom: Cardamom boosts metabolism and is low in saturated fat. It can also promote healthy digestion, according to Kathleen Brown and Jeanine Pollak, in their book “Herbal Teas: 101 Nourishing Blends for Daily Health and Vitality.”

Cumin: Cumin helps the digestive process and production of energy while boosting the immune system. It may also help those with asthma, arthritis, kidney disease and colon cancer, according to some research.

For more info on how to integrate these spices and herbs into your Holiday dishes, ask Chef Duane or visit us at the catering counter. For more on fat loss and weight management this Holiday season, visit

Thanksgiving Tasting on Saturday November 5th from 11am – 3pm.

Stop by Janssen’s Market tomorrow from 11am – 3pm for out Thanksgiving Tasting throughout the store.

Try some new items on your holiday table this year!  Thanksgiving Menus are ready! Visit our website for the online version or pick them up in the store! Janssen’s is offering DELAWARE GROWN, free range, all natural turkeys this year from T.A. Farms in Kent County as we as organic turkeys.

In the Kitchen:   “Steamship” Lamb that is to die for, roasted turkey, Himalayan salt plate roasted salmon, oyster stuffing to name one of many, the popular chicken with herb garlic waffles, ponzu tuna and much more.

Seafood & Meat: shrimp, Leidy’s ham and triple smoked bacon

Bakery: amaretto cake, creme brulee, sticky buns and more delicious goodies.

Cheese: cave aged gruyere, prescott, bin d’amour and more…..We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the selected subject will guide you through a selection of artisanal cheeses from around the world. Janssen’s gourmet cheeses are cut directly from the wheel to ensure freshness and flavor. You’ll receive a description card with each cheese purchase and be invited to register your purchase for future reference.

We make it easy to put together fresh, fabulous meals.  We feature dozens of entrées and side dishes made fresh daily in our kitchen. Our kitchen is the heart and soul of our market.  We cook all of our prepared food in house, you can always smell what is cooking when you walk in the door.

The menu that our kitchen makes for our prepared case and changes weekly, with many daily specials–stop in tomorrow and be inspired this Holiday!

Cheese: Di Stefano Burrata alla panna

Serving cheese on cheese boards, cheese plates and cheese platters are some of the best ways to enjoy and serve to your guests.  Janssens Market can help you to create stunning cheese platters in a matter of minutes.  Ask in the deli section for ideas for cheese assortments as well as what to serve with your selection.

Di Stefano Burrata alla panna

The family owned Di Stefano dairy is based in southern California and is dedicated to only making one extraordinary product. This Burrata is made with extreme care, passion, and dedication. This sweet fresh cheese resembles nothing more than a ball of mozzarella with a top knot, but once cut open the soft creamy center runs along the plate.

Fruits: Pear, melon, fig, avocado
Herbs: Basil, arugula, chives
Vegetables: Tomatoes, green beans, butternut, radicchio, beet

Accompaniments: Caviar, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, crystallized ginger, almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, crusty Italian breads, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper

Meats: Prosciutto, pancetta, bacon, salami

Wines: Moscato, Sancerre or Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc



A little more specific: Jermann, Vintage Tunini 2004, Cartizze Prosecco from Ruggeri, Mauro Molino 2004 Barbera d’Alba,

2003 Rosso Piceno from Tavignano, Bellavista Franciacorta CuvÈe Brut

simple ideas:

• Add to fresh tomato & basil for a twist on the classic Caprese Spread on a sandwich or wrap
• Serve with crusty bread, salt & olive oil or atop crostini as an appetizer
• Toss with cooked pasta, fresh tomato, basil, olive oil, salt & cracked black pepper
• Use as a pizza topping
• Spread chopped Di Stefano burrata onto crusty Italian bread, top with salt and freshly ground black pepper and a generous splash of Italian extra virgin olive oil. You could also add tomato & fresh basil or arugula & prosciutto.
• Top any vegetable pasta with chopped Di Stefano burrata, salt, fresh cracked black pepper and a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil.
• Top a bed of arugula with Di Stefano chopped burrata, prosciutto, melon and fig OR add chopped Di Stefano burrata atop a bed of fresh baby spinach with avocado, crispy bacon, croutons and roasted sliced baby beets. Toss with salt, freshly cracked black pepper, great extra virgin olive oil.
• Top any sweet wafer biscuit with chopped Di Stefano burrata, orange marmalade, chopped crystallized ginger and orange zest OR top Di Stefano burrata with caramelized banana in a flambéed caramel sauce as a dessert idea
• Top crostini with chopped Di Stefano burrata and any of the following combinations on top:
Arugula, red onion confitte & chives
Prosciutto & pear/fig/melon
Avocado, smoked salmon & caviar
Caramelized cherry tomato & crispy pancetta

source: Di Stefano Burrata alla panna