Coriander Crusted Lamb

Janssen’s produce is delivered fresh everyday!

Our produce staff takes great pride in offering the highest quality produce.  Our brussel sprouts,corn, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, pomegranates seeds, English peas are all hand peeled in store. All of our head lettuce and cooking vegetables are hand trimmed then washed to help remove excess dirt.  That process also allows the lettuce to “drink” ultimately reviving them. How does that set us aside from other stores?  Our product is truly fresh and not treated to slow down the oxidation process.  We work with local farmers to bring you the best local offerings such as apple cider, cauliflower, broccoli, apples, and even cranberries!  If it is in season locally, we have it.  We also buy from the produce markets in Philadelphia everyday so that we can bring you the freshest fruits and vegetables from around the world.  We offer an extensive line of organic fruits and vegetables within availability. We will work with you to source any item that your recipe requires – just ask our produce staff!


Don’t forget the Holidays are fast approaching! We offer fruit and gourmet gift baskets year round!  Call our staff to help design the perfect gift that fits your budget.  All are hand made on site!


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