Kaffir Lime Leaves in Cuisine

Kaffir lime leaves may be used fresh or dried, depending on the recipe or usage in question. Some important pointers to consider include: Kaffir lime leaves may also be known as makrut leaves, kieffer lime leaves or magrood leaves.

kaffir line - janssens market

The leaves should be used whole when simmering in soups and curries, and may be shredded for use in fish cakes or similar dishes. The leaf is rarely eaten; the one exception is when it is shredded extremely finely, such as for Tod Mun (fried fish cake).

Fresh, tender young leaves should always be the preferred choice for salads; do not use dried kaffir leaves in salads.

The midrib and stalk may be bitter in older leaves; if this bitterness bothers you, tear the leaf and remove these parts for cooking, including simmering.

Use in cuisine. Kaffir lime leaves are perfect for adding flavour to Asian cuisine. They are highly aromatic and add their own elegant flavor to stir-fry, curry, salad and fish cake dishes. Some examples for use include:

Thai curry dishes and soups, such as Tom Yum, Indonesian curry dishes ,Thai      fish cakes, e.g., Tod Mun and steamed fish dishes, e.g., Haw Moak

Asian bouquet garni – make up with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and ginger as the bouquet garni ingredients and use to flavor stock

Krueng – a paste using Kaffir lime leaves as the base

Flavor rice – When cooking your rice, especially jasmine rice, throw in a few leaves. The flavor will be imparted to the rice.

Add to a marinade – suitable for chicken, pork or lamb dishes.

Make a syrup – add a kaffir lime leaf to sugar overnight and use the sugar to make a syrup the next day.

Add zest to bathtime. Add some fresh leaves to a hot bath. You will need to try this to believe the delightful fragrance that will waft from your bathwater.

The leaves can be stored frozen for as long as you like; add fresh leaves to a plastic bag and place in the freezer. The other storage method is to keep dried kaffir lime leaves.


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