Father Day – Grill Fest & Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas  & Grill Fest – Saturday June 16th: 

Grill Fest on Father’s Day weekend! Janssen’s chefs will be preparing all kinds of grilled items using our favorite rubs and marinades. Try something new for Dad’s special day! Saturday, June 16th!

Janssen’s offers more than most meat departments. If you’re looking for something that we don’t have, just ask and we’ll work with you to find it. Our experienced staff can assist you in choosing the best cuts and suggest serving quantities to meet your needs. We carry only the highest quality meats and seafood and are full-service – everything is hand-trimmed, cut or ground to order and comes fully prepared so it’s ready for the grill, oven or pot! Choose from our fine selection of prime meats, our all-natural organic meat and poultry, and the finest selection of fresh seafood from around the world.

 Hosting a special event or holiday gathering? Offer your guests something special from organic turkeys, pheasant, capon and goose to hand-trimmed beef filets and rib roasts, crown roasts of pork or lamb, sliced hams, venison, and more.

Here are some tips from our butchers to get the best from your beef:
  • Keep it cool. Aim to store it below 41˚F.
  • Pull your steaks out of the fridge about 20 minutes prior to cooking to bring them to room temp.
  • Pat dry with paper towels before cooking to prevent moisture from coming between the meat and the surface of the pan or grill.
  • Flip your steak only once-with tongs!
  • Steaks cut 1¼ inches thick grill best over medium-low coals (325˚F surface temp).
  • Steaks cut 1½-2 inches thick grill best when seared and finished by indirect heat in a closed grill.
  • Cook your steaks to medium-rare. Pull steaks from the grill at 140˚F internal temperature; let rest five minutes before serving.

Our weekly grocery specials are listed on our website.

fathers day

Let Janssen’s Market create a gift basket for Father’s Day. Pick a theme or give us an idea of his favorite foodie items. Coffee, chocoholic, grill master or the organic devotee.


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