60 Things you didn’t know about Janssen’s Market

1. Joe Janssen Sr. caught the marlin and dolphin fish above the Seafood Department.

2. We use 30 dozen eggs a day in our kitchen and café.

3. Chef Duane worked for Martha Stewart earlier in his career.

4. We use 24 gallons of Lewes Dairy heavy cream per week in our kitchen.

5. Chef Duane makes over 100 gallons of our homemade soup per week.

janssens market

6. We sell over 600 lbs of our homemade chicken salads per week.

7. We cook over 280 lbs of turkey breast per week to slice in the deli.

8. Janssen’s Market has 85 employees.

9. Roger, our store manager, has worked for Janssen’s Market for 50 years.

10. It takes 100 juicing oranges to make 1.5 gallons of Janssen’s orange juice.

11. We use over 120 lbs of bacon in our café and sandwiches per week.

12.  Joseph Janssen Sr.’s first grocery store was located in Havertown, Pennsylvania.

13. In 1965, Janssen’s Market was the first (and only) carpeted grocery store in Delaware!

14.  Mrs. Janssen was a teacher for 18 years at AI DuPont High School. (She taught math and French!)

15. Terri, our bookkeeper, has worked at Janssen’s Market for 28 years (and her office has always been in the basement!)

16. We have 10 employees who have been with us over 10 years!

17. Karen, our catering director was a silversmith and made jewelry.

18.  Janssen’s original logo was a blue and white shopping cart.

19.  We sell over 1200 lbs. of bananas per week.

20. We sell almost 2000 Delaware and Chester County apples per week during the height of the season.

21.  It takes one of our produce clerks one hour to hand peel 25 lbs. of brussel sprouts.

22.  All of our lettuce and cooking vegetables take a one hour bath in our sink before they are put out for sale.

23.  All of our vegetable scraps are sorted and composted.  We also recycle our plastic and cardboard.  Our produce department is almost zero waste!

24. We hand seed fresh pomegranites – it takes one hour to yield 3 lbs of seeds!

25.  After shelling a 25lb case of English peas, we are only left with 11lbs of peas.

26.  During the 3 days before Thanksgiving, we sell over 200 lbs of green beans, over 200 lbs of asparagus and over 650 lbs of potatoes.

27. Besides the Janssens, there are 7 families with multiple family members working for Janssen’s Market right now.

28. When we moved from down the street in 2007, we doubled our retail space and increased our staff by 50%!

29.  At our grand re-opening in 2007, Paula Janssen’s future husband was the Jelly Belly jelly bean that greeted customers at the door.

30.  Janssen’s market has gone through 3 major renovations since 1952: 1965, 1991 and our move to our current location in 2007.

31.Janssen’s cheese department has over 250 cheeses throughout the department!

32.  Joseph Janssen Jr. (Mr. J.) has had only one other job besides Janssen’s Market: the US Army.

33. Our second logo was a steer with two bags of groceries.

34.  Joseph Janssen Sr. worked as a butcher with A&P for 20 years before launching his own business.

35. Joseph Janssen Sr. met his wife, the first Paula Janssen, singing in a private salon in Philadephia.

36. Three generations of florists have worked at Janssen’s Market: Mary Butler, her daughter-in-law, Jackie Desper, and her daughter-in-law, Stephanie Devine, running the department now!

37.  The flower department started as a little corner in our old location, has expanded to be a full-service floral destination, from 1 rose to full wedding décor!

38.  Our floral wholesaler calls Stephanie and Jackie their “Lilly Queens”.  We sell over 10,000 stems of lilies per year!

39.  We buy product from over 200 vendors per month.

40.  Paula Janssen was a software engineer in California before coming into the business.

41.  Brady Janssen, the 4th generation, has already started working a few hours at Janssen’s Market (she likes the flower department).

42.  Our refrigeration system is one of the most energy efficient systems in the area – we even use the excess heat generated for our hot water and heat in the winter!

43.  We recycle all of our cardboard and plastic – over 2000 lbs per month!

44.  Janssen’s Market supports over 100 charities throughout the year with donations, food and supplies.

45.  We have 12 college students working for us right now, earning both 2 and 4 year degrees.

46.  One of our employees made an around-the-world trip and sent postcards from Crete, Turkey, India and Cambodia!

47.  Mrs. Janssen tutors some of our college students in calculus.

48.  One of our employees is turning 60 the same week as Janssen’s Market!

49. During our busy season, we deliver over 25 gift baskets a day!

50.  Mr. Janssen Sr. won many sport fishing tournaments and even made it to the pages of Sports Illustrated.

51.  The hand-powered coffee grinder used in our first location is displayed in our bakery department.

52. Eileen and Joe Janssen have one of the original brass meat scales from Mr. Janssen Sr.’s first store on display in their home.

53.  There are 250 parking spaces in front of Janssen’s Market.

54.  The storage area in our warehouse area goes up three stories – and we store things almost all the way up!

55.  Janssen’s Market won the 2010 Rush Award from the Better Business Bureau of Delaware for outstanding family business.

56.  Janssen’s Market counts 3 DE Governors, 3 US Senators and 2 US Representatives as customers (current and former).

57. Janssen’s Market managers go to more than 6 gourmet food trade shows per year.

58.  The candle rack in Aisle 1 has been continuously in use since the store opened in 1952.

59.  Our family has been working with the Rosazza family at Glen Willow Orchards for three generations to source local produce – especially their delicious apples!

60.  We hope to keep serving the community for 60 more years!

See the rest on Facebook: www.facebook.com/janssensmarket


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