From the Deli: Get to Know Your Cheese

cheese - pic

Brilliat Savarin 

Region :    Ile-de-France  Country :    France

Cheese Type :    Bloomy: Buttery & Rich
Milk Type :    Pasteurized Cow
Wine Pairing :    Sparkling wines
Wheel Weight :    2 lbs.
Rennet :    Animal
Age :    6-8 weeks

 Description :
“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.” So said the gastronome Brillat Savarin. Being cheese experts, we’ll tell you that if you like this cheese you are a genius. The best triple-creme we’ve found, ripened in Murray’s caves, means 75% butterfat, and a thin, edible, snowy rind with nary a whiff of ammonia. All fresh, lactic flavor with an edging of mushroomy balances each buttercream icing bite. Pasteurized, yes, but masterful as the many bloomy rinds from Normandy are. Cut that fat with bubbles, from California to Champagne to Italian.

Serve a selection of cheeses before the meal or as the final course, presentation is key. Accent your cheese tray with fresh or dried fruits, nuts, and flowers or leaves. Call the catering department if you would like us to put together a selection of cheeses for you. 

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