How to Win the War Against Holiday Weight Gain

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Hello from Plexus Fitness! Cooking, baking and eating are a central theme of many holiday season traditions and the results tend to stick with us long after the holidays are over. So how can you indulge a little this holiday season and stay on track with your health program?

First, eat! Yes, eat. It is a better strategy to give yourself permission to eat the sweet treats and savory dishes of the season in moderation than to focus on what you can’t have. If you are doing the cooking, look for healthy recipe versions of the food you love and you’ll feel even better about sitting down to your holiday feast.

Second, stay hydrated by keeping up on your normal water intake. Drinking water will help reduce the urge to munch on seconds, and thirds, as well as aid in maintaining normal digestion. Keep things in moderation when it comes to flavored coffees, mulled ciders, eggnogs and festive cocktails, as many of those beverages contains high amounts of sugar.

Finally, exercise more! Give yourself the freedom to indulge by spending a few extra minutes exercising than you would normally. This is a great time of year to try adding something new to your regimen or challenge yourself to a new goal. It’s far easier to do more of something, so if you are going to eat more, exercise more.

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