From The Deli: Get to Know Your Cheese: Kunik

Enjoy a taste of Spring! Nettle Meadow Dairy’s Kunik Cheese

Please join us for a Cheese Tasting from 11-3pm on Sat. April 13.

What is Kunik?

Janssens Market

Kunik is a unique and voluptuous triple crème cheese only made in Thurman, New York in the Warrensburg area at our small family farm. It is a white mold-ripened wheel made from goat’s milk and Jersey cow cream. The blend makes Kunik far richer and more flavorful than a brie-type cheese yet more subtle and sumptuous than similarly ripened goat cheeses. Kunik is a registered trademark of Nettle Meadow Farm.

When it comes to pairing Champagne with cheese, nothing will tantalize the taste buds more than a sip of sweet and luscious sparkling wine and a bite of a thick, rich and creamy triple-crème cheese, like Kunik from Nettle Meadow Farm in Warrensburg, NY…

  The amount of care involved in making Kunik attests to its superior quality and makes clear why it’s worthy of being paired with a century-old sparkling French beverage.”   -Max Shrem,  

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