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Harbison Cheese by Jasper Hill Farm

Harbison is a bark-wrapped bloomy-rind cheese with woodsy, sweet, herbal, and bright flavors. The cheese is named after Anne Harbison, seen by many to be the grandmother of Greensboro, VT. She’s active in the community, runs a bed and breakfast, and volunteers at the public library, and has known the Kehler brothers since they were children. The bark, cut from Jasper Hill Farm’s woodlands holds the delicate cheese together, provides flavor to the creamy paste, and allows for an ideal presentation as the centerpiece of a cheese plate.

Milk Type: PasteurizedCow
Herd Size:45
Style: Bark Wrapped Bloomy Rind
Aged: 6=8weeks

Great article in the New York Times  April 2012 featuring Harbison.